My Tryst with the forest started when I was a little girl. After so many years of visiting these forests the enigma remains. Every visit uncovers new secrets of this mysterious land. My foray into photography started at a much later stage .This only elevated my interest in wildlife. It opened up a complete new dimension of how I want to tell my story to others, the impact I want to create, how I gravitate others to my dimension! My discovery of wildlife photography felt like a fulfillment of that lifelong affinity and fascination for animals. It is all about pressing a shutter and visually preserving a fascinating moment.

Finding the right match for your goals and expectations is the key to a great experience . From the time i remember i had always been travelling – doing tours where everything was “fine,” where there was nothing you could seriously complain about, but the effort that went in to plan these was immense It almost stressed me out ! Over the years the key takeaway is – a perfect photo destination takes research, and you have to be ready for the opportunity to be there at the right time. It’s like waiting for the alignment of the stars: a combination of light, season, weather, animal behaviors, Animal movements , of course, your ability to access the location. This takes a lot of Effort . There is no shortcut to this better than repeated experiences and not all of us have the Privy for this given our busy schedules and lifestyles . This is where Jungle Sutras has stepped in and elevated my experiences. Jungle Sutras rely on long term relationships. Their longtime relationship with the locals yields a degree of loyalty and trust that benefits everyone. It ensures a hassle free experience.


It’s vital that you have a cordial relationship that can foster mutual respect and trust. At JS this is an attitude that goes without saying. Anyone who has travelled with Jungle Sutras will swear by the fact that Shashank has been one of those people who has constantly kept that passion and fire burning in you . As a team they make sure the brand is about relationships and not materialistic things. Whether it was celebrating a birthday in the middle of the Serengeti or Fetching fruits in the middle of nowhere speaks volumes on their attention to the intricacies to foster that long term bond

Tour vs Experience

There is a lot of difference between a tour and an experience. With everything being taken care of , you only have to focus on your photography and interests. Your creative juices and passion for photography will soar as you experience the best of what nature has to offer. Experience is not seeing the animal of your choice or getting that behaviour you want , Its about making the best of the situation. Enjoy the experience. As I said, let the safari come to you. JS has always made sure everything came together to create a seamlessly excellent experience, filled with incredible moments that will remain in my heart and soul forever. JS have spent years nurturing relationships with the experts and scouting the most jaw-droppingly photogenic properties and landscapes. It may be the closest you could get in terms of a strike rate 🙂

The team – Wilderness Warriors

The people you travel with almost always decide how extraordinary the experience was. At JS, Shashank & Rachana make sure you have the right company to unwind with. I have travelled as a solo Female traveller, I have travelled with Parents and JS have always struck that balance beautifully well. These have created life long friendships that will be cherished forever! If you have travelled in Noisy safari jeeps you will relate to this instantly when i say people in the safari need to share your interests and vision . You need to mix well in the field ; some birders simply need to see the bird and they are ready to move on, while enthusiasts may want to wait hours to observe behaviors. The goal is to be so undisruptive, so still and nonthreatening, that the animals forget all about you, or at least tolerate, your presence! As a company they have always made sure these details are taken into consideration.


As with any wildlife, we need to understand that wildlife is a matter of luck and coincidence . If our paths don’t cross, despite what the Itinerary states it is in no way testimony to the team that puts up the hard work to make the trip possible. If you go out with an open mind, then all is good. If you go out with a specific species in mind and remain obstinate that it’s the only subject you plan to photograph, you may come back with nothing. If you go out with the mindset of, “What will I be given today by Nature?” and take advantage of good fortune, you’ll return with great images, albeit, maybe not what you originally planned to photograph or maybe exactly what you originally planned.

Knowledge that Empowers

Being avid Wildlife enthusiasts the JS founders understand wildlife. They help you to read the light, create the optimum composition, improve your technical skills and motivate you to capture the ultimate image. Finding the right match for your goals is always a key . Shashank understands the forests and behaviour and with able guides and drivers this is escalated . The local guides will have had their ear to the ground for wildlife sightings . Whether it is sitting under a scorching Ranthambore sun the entire day waiting for some action or sitting still the entire day in Tadoba waiting for Tiny cubs or tracking the elusive ghost of Kabini JS has always struck an amazing balance.

Ethics from Empathy

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of ethical approaches one should take. At JS there is a very clear message sent out that animals come first .Respect the Habitat. They deeply care for the welfare of the subjects and are interested in teaching appropriate field craft. As instructors, they have the opportunity and responsibility to model ethical practices in the field. As participants who care about wildlife too, you have both the right to expect this and the responsibility to ensure it.

My only takeaway and advice to fellow enthusiasts Is to keep that passion burning. You won’t be privy to special moments by lingering for a few minutes and then moving on to the next – Become a part of that landscape, blend in. Understand wildlife – their nobility, their grace, their elegance. This passion is about a connection to wildlife and the urge to capture those moments that need to be told and shared. Have fun, and remember you’re on holiday and you’re going to bring home great photographs irrespective of whether they were on your bucket list or not!

Jungle SUtras has been more than just a Company. Their string of commited clients are a testimony to the great work they put up. Every person connects with them on a personal level and it is fascinating to see the bond each share with them. Every person who has travelled with them will refer them to others without batting an eyelid!


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