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Very ethically run & no-nonsense people. They deliver more than they promise—an excellent team in the jungle of true nature lovers. I can vouch for them anytime anywhere forever.

Thanks again to team jungleArc especially Dr Shashank Gowda for everything. God Bless.

Shashank is a pediatrician in Mysore and an avid wildlife lover. His dedication is simply unmatched. Very exuberant and motivated, he is calm, composed and very reliable. He has all the necessary ingredients to make people around him feel comfortable.
Had the privilege of visiting Kabini with him recently and buoy, what a wonderful time we had. His good relations with everyone involved is the icing on the cake and helps keep the vibes always positive. The safaris were very tantalizing because of the signs and symbols that the JUNGLE offered. His SUTRAs for the riddles offered by the jungle were equally good.
Looking forward to more such experiences in the future.
Had a fantastic experience with Jungle Arc. Everything was perfectly organized and easy. Thanks for the trip.
Dr. Shashank’s love for the wildlife makes the safari absolutely memorable. He has great instincts for sightings & his rapport with the naturalist & jungle caretakers makes the trip exciting. I was on a safari at Kabini this august where we sighted a tiger on the first day as our jeep was the first vehicle & that was possible as our jeep was the first vehicle and that was the only sighting in the morning.
The second day we were lucky to spot Scarface - The leopard sleeping on a tree top. We were there for good 15 minutes devouring each & every movement.
Jungle sutra is not new to me...I did my first trip with them to Tadoba last year during summer..so when I made my plans for another Tadoba trip in winter, calling Shashank was the natural choice. He suggested Pench rather than Tadoba as the permits were not available and the sighting in Pench was better . He managed the bookings end to end , from safari , to the stay. If you don't go to these parts very frequently, it's quite confusing to decide the specific zones you Shud plan to visit and selecting a place that suites your p ice point and comfort. To say our planning was simple would be an understatement. We were going there for our anniversary during the Christmas week, a couple of days on either side of Christmas. So you can imagine the hassles around booking rooms etc. Shashank consulted us on the intent and then made all the bookings for safari, and ensure that we had provision to change it if required . I would highly recommend them if you want a peaceful trip, without having to break your head for anything...be it bookings, wondering which zone is better, who is the good driver in which resort and if you are in the Bangalore area, your photography equipments need. We had some issues with restaurant after checking in and these guys got it sorted... Photography is a passion for these guys and travel is in their genes so it's not a mere trip for them, it's the stay and experience thats important for them and they go to length to ensure thats met. I had a query on the field with my new body and Rachna called and reminded me what had to be done ..that's the personalised touch. Would I go again with them, heck yeah ..will do it anytime...
The best thing about memories is making them!! And this is where JungleArc has helped us..
Unforgettable & fascinating memories all along the way .. One suc experience was the trip to Ranthambore. This trip was perfect in many ways… To start with it was an all girls trip.. Lots of giggle & gossip, Yummy Food, Tireless talks… With a hectic lifestyle, it is always a challenge to plan an exquisite trip… All it needed was a call to Shashank and his cheerful voice reassured me everything will be taken care of. Rachana in spite of her injured leg, relentlessly “limped” us through leopards & tigers.
Kudos to JungleArc for arranging a fulfilling trip…! Lot of good sightings were just a cherry on the icing. Looking forward to a lot more of such fascinating journeys.
Mahanidhi Girish Prasad
As a massive wildlife enthusiast and nature lover....my affliction towards the outside world brought me to a land of wondrous beauty.
Our journey began with zeal and intent to capture Mother Nature in all its glory.Our tour leader Chethan Gowda left no stone unturned and took us into the depths of the jungle.We were lucky enough to spot the exceptional black leopard dancing across the tall grass.The gentle splash of the rivers echoed throughout the forest as the majestic tiger stopped for a drink.It truly was a breathtaking experience and I look forward to more adventures across this landscape organized by Jungle Sutras.Their sheer commitment and motivation to provide us with the best of the best is unmatched...
We are so fortunate and grateful to go with Shashank in our Jungle Safari. We joined him during our honeymoon, and we’re dumbfounded by the amount of wildlife we were able to see in just 2 days: 9 tiger sightings, a pack of Dhole, 2 leopards, many elephants, monkeys, and bison. My wife and I will never forget this experience, and it would not have happened without Shashank. He is a gifted wildlife expert and unmatched in his ability to quickly read the jungle and track down big cats. Jungle sutras is the way to go to have the experience of a lifetime and truly experience wildlife!!
Mala Yogesh
I never thought that my first ever safari would be so amazing.All credits to Dr.Shashank for organizing this.I would love to join him again for the wonderful future safaris that he is going to organize. Thanks once again.
Sanjeev Saiva
Extremely happy after doing safaris with Jungle Sutras at Nagarhole National Park. Shashank, Rachana and Chethan are extremely professional in their approach.
Accompanied us in all the safaris and are very adept in tracking the Tigers/Leopards. They have good rapport with all the other drivers and naturalists which thus helped in smoother and quicker exchange of information about the movements of the animals.
The knowledge of animals and birds and their movements and the locations too is very good.
Though this was the first time safari with them, I gelled well with them cos of their amiable nature.
Would highly recommend doing safaris with Jungle Sutras for their professionalism, expertise and personal aegis and guidance.
I had been to Tadoba tiger reserve a few days ago, thanks to Jungle Sutra and especially Dr Shashank Gowda, it was an amazing experience!! He was instrumental in planning out the entire trip, organising everything so meticulously, be it transport, stay, food or safaris.. Didn't really have to worry about anything! An icing on the cake was the wildlife photography skills that he imparted so passionately.. We were lucky to have some great sightings and he shared surprising insights into animal behaviour.. This experience has ignited in me more enthusiasm and interest in wildlife.. I certainly recommend this kind of exposure to all who love adventure. Thank you Dr Shashank, I'm waiting to go on my next trip!!
It was an awesome experience going with u guys to Kabini . Everything was taken care . Handled very professionally .
Very good knowledge of tracking cats . We spent 3 days and saw 5 leopards , tigers , wild dogs and many other species . The most important thing in the jungle is tracking and u guys are great in it. Looking forward to join u guys again very soon . All the best.
I never expected tht my first safari would be soo amazing at Kabini. On d very first day of safari I hit d bed cause of worse back pain n couldn't even step out of d room n Tysm for Dr Shashank for all ur care n concern . I wouldn't have complete d trip if u wouldn't have treated me so well . I cannot forget tht head-on of tiger lasting for more than 45 mins. Also sighted Pack of wild dogs ,leapords n many other species.His sharing about animal behaviour made me more interesting in wildlife. Fud was so 😋.I recommend this kind of exposure to all who love adventure.
Looking forward to more such experiences in the future. Ty again 🙏
Wildlife photography is challenging and exciting especially for beginners ,It involves lot of planning and patience. Thanks to Dr.Shashank for making it so easy ,interesting ,informative and at the same time fun . Jungle sutra is an excellent team and I would definitely recommend it .
Totally loved the tadoba June 2018 trip. Thank you so much Shashank sir and Rachana mam for organising such a wonderful trip.

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