Connecting Nature & Life

To experience the true wonders of the world, one must experience wildlife and all it has to offer
Walking amongst Hyperions, sleeping under tropical skies, watching the rangale of deer passing by. Nothing can get better than that.
If you want to face your fears, go off the grid. Maybe go to a jungle, and experience wildlife in its natural habitat.
The next time you're driving through the woods and you see animals crossing your path, learn to address the elephant in the room.
The only way you learn to love the wild is by acknowledging that every animal, like humans, has a personality.
The thrill of a wildlife experience is that danger could be lurking around every corner.
The goal is to excite people about the wilderness and turn them all into animal lovers.
To be able to capture the personality of animals in their natural habitat is a photographer’s dream.
The allure of wildlife is irresistible.
There’s something about the wilderness. Such beauty in the flora and fauna. Rejuvenate your soul, hike up jungle trails, and reconnect with yourself.
Lend an ear to the wild and lose yourself in all its wonders.

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“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”

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Dr. Nithin Prabhu
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Every time I have been on safari was with JungleArc... and every time is was an amazing experience and an unforgettable one too.. As Iam a passionate wildlife photographer , Dr Shashank, Chetan & team make sure that we get the best safari drivers and guides which helps us to track and photograph which is very important for any photographer. Only great photographers like Shashank & team will understand the importance of a well organised photographic tours , and boy he does his job with at most perfection.Hats off to Dr Shashank and team, great work...I would recommend Jungle Arc anytime and above any other
Darshan Ganapathy
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My first wildlife photography trip to Africa was with JungleArc. It’s like a family...!!! Everything was perfectly planned, the place , the quality of food,lovely people and homely atmosphere with unknown guys too. Each moment were so memorably lived. I think this group is the best Wildlife travel group and I highly recommend for all wildlife lovers. Dr Shashank , Rachana and Chetan are amazing people and no tension of food, lodging, pick up and drop ( airport or bus stand), camera gears etc , everything is arranged nicely. Dr and fly guides throughout the safari on photography and makes sure we get the best shot. Big thanks to Dr Shashank and his family for their hospitality and homely atmosphere.
Danny Buchan
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We are so fortunate and grateful to go with Shashank in our Jungle Safari. We joined him during our honeymoon, and we’re dumbfounded by the amount of wildlife we were able to see in just 2 days: 9 tiger sightings, a pack of Dhole, 2 leopards, many elephants, monkeys, and bison. My wife and I will never forget this experience, and it would not have happened without Shashank. He is a gifted wildlife expert and unmatched in his ability to quickly read the jungle and track down big cats. JungleArc is the way to go to have the experience of a lifetime and truly experience wildlife!!


“Discover the beautiful tributary of the River Kaveri, which is home to Karnataka’s wildlife. Kabini is home to a diverse range of fauna, including sloth bears, spotted deer, and bonnet macaques, as well as Bengal tigers and Indian leopards.”

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