Dr. Shashank B

Dr. Shashank is a Pediatrician by Profession and an Animal rights Protagonist by heart. At an early age, he was intrigued by animal behaviors and has been documenting his experience on wildlife for over a decade. He has always aimed at telling stories that can help raise awareness and spark appreciation and awe of nature in others and in turn building consciousness. This undying Passion and retention towards animal kingdom led to the creation of “Jungle Arc”. Jungle Arc is a medium to fulfill that lifelong affinity and fascination for animals.

With a passion for ethical wildlife photography he always puts his subject’s welfare first. He believes travel is a unique experience for each individual. Whether you’re close to home or halfway around the world, nothing is more important than proper planning and having a unique experience. Whether you want to travel to the Mecca of Wildlife or to the pristine waters translating the location’s attributes to your needs is what Shashank aces at.